8.30.1938  -  10.11.2017


August 30 1938 - October 11 2017

Don Pedro Colley died in Klamath Falls OR after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind his X partner, Roberta, two children and two grandchildren. Funeral plans pending in Klamath Falls.

Friends... In remembrance:

From Ben Jones (Cooter) -

Hi Mark,
We found out yesterday. I was onstage and Alma came up to tell me. I was ending the show and we were vamping the "The Dukes of Hazzard" theme. I told the audience and the song took on a whole other meaning. The last time I saw Don Pedro was at Cooter's Last Stand and we were leaning on each other at the finale with all the cast members and their families. It is a fine memory. We had a chance earlier to talk about our health problems and about how we can't stop the march of time.

Don was indeed a great man and a fellow who loved the acting profession. He brought a great vigor to "The Dukes" and had a ball with the fans. Would you please tell his family that our whole cast and everyone who was associated with "The Dukes" will miss him dearly.

Best Wishes,
Ben Jones

From Alma Viator -

Alma (Ben's wife) called me later in the day after Ben sent his email. She also told me about the last time she spent with Don, how he will be missed, and how great of a man he was. She sent prayers to Don's family. God bless.

From Sonny Shroyer (Deputy Enos Strate) -

I called and spoke to Sonny the day after - he and his family sent their prayers, and condolences. He spoke of how big a presence Don was on the set and in life. He and Paula will miss him dearly. Rest in piece Big Ed Little...

From Byron Cherry (Coy Duke) -

Don was a dear friend and he will be sorely missed.

Byron and family

From Linda Harrison (Nova from Beneath the Planet of the Apes)

Hi Mark,

I'm so sorry Don has passed away. He always looked after me. I had talked to him about three weeks ago, although in pain, he said he had to enjoy the ride.

Even then, he still had a sense of humor. I will miss him greatly. I hope his family will realize how he was loved.
Take good care of yourself.
Linda Harrison


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Thank You,
Mark Van Woert
Appearance Agent


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